Saturday, September 18, 2021

View The Next Full Moon From Your Hot Tub

 September 20, 2021 marks the date of the next full moon. This moon is known for many names Corn Moon being one name for it was the time of the year farmers harvested their corn. Sometimes farmers needed to work late with the light of the moon to harvest their crops. The Corn Moon will last for three days according to NASA, so you have from Sunday evening to Wednesday morning to get a glimpse of the full moon. Also, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus will be easy to spot all month long. 

Get your hot tub ready to soak in as the view as the full moon will be here very soon. We believe their is no better way to enjoy the view than from your own backyard, soaking in hot water. There are apps out there to track what exactly you are looking at in the sky, Star Tracker, Google Sky, and Sky Map just to name a few. Make sure that the lights are turned off to really enjoy your sky view. 

Monday, September 6, 2021

Can You Hot Tub In The Summer Months?

 As Fresno, Clovis and the Central Valley in general continues to have a string of hot days, many still in the triple digits, several of our customers ask the question can I use my hot tub during hot summer days? Well, yes, it is possible and in fact many of our customers do exactly that. 

We recommend that you set your spa to the lowest temperature setting, 80 degrees. It would help to have the spa situated with shade provided and the wind blocked. Shade could be found in a number of ways including an umbrella, we actually sell spa umbrellas in our store, or a covered patio, tree, though depending on the tree falling leaves or debris may not be fun to contend with while in your hot tub or shedding on your cover, another great option are canopies and tarps. The ambient temperature, which as of late is quit scorching, will effect how hard your hot tub has to work to get to or maintain the temperature you set it to. During the hot summer months it will obviously be easy for the hot tub to stay warm and might go above where we would like it to. 

Setting the temperature to 80 degrees is a good start to keep your hot tub where you want the temperature to be. Another recommendation that we have told our customers in the past and currently advise is to prop a towel under the cover as to allow for air to escape the hot tub similar to having a thermal coffee cup holder and opening the lid a bit. The steam from the hot coffee leaks out, just as it would for the hot tub.  

The time of day that you use your hot tub also makes a difference. The good news is that the temperature throughout the day does not remain the same. Mornings seem to be the best time to take a nice soak, and just before bed is another great time to get in. The late afternoon about 3pm, the heat reaches its peak, so maybe not the ideal time to combine that heat with getting into your spa. 

We are looking ahead to the falls months when the weather cools down and we can enjoy crisp autumn air once again. As we are soon to be heading into the fall season, make sure to enjoy your hot tub all year long. Just know when to get in your spa and make sure your backyard is set up with some shade and set your temperature to the lowest setting. 

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Correlation Between Hot Tubs and Blood Pressure


We all l know that diet and exercise influence our health, including our blood pressure. And now there is another contender to our overall health to add to the list, soaking in a hot tub. I know not another thing to have to worry about when it comes to our health. Don’t worry this one is easy and fun for you to enjoy and the added positive is there is no where to go other than stepping out into your own backyard.  It might be thought that sitting in hot water would increase your blood pressure, but studies have found that the opposite is true. After just 10 minutes of soaking in a hot tub, your blood vessels will dilate causing your blood pressure to lower according to Dr. Adolph Hutter, professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School.

Soaking in a hot tub increases your heart rate causing you to sweat, this opens our pores and releases toxins, the body reacts the same as if you went walking, jogging, or cycling. When you combine moderate exercise with soaking in your hot tub on a regular basis, your health and wellness improve.

The stress in your life has an impact on your health and what better way to combat stress than soaking in a hot tub. If you have loved ones join you, the interaction with the people who matter most to you get a chance to go beyond sending a text message. Soak in your hot tub today and every day to enjoy better health and relaxation.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Celebrating July 4th From Home

As 4th of July celebrations are being cancelled at several different venues in California, many are turning to the comforts of their home and watching live firework shows from their TV. There are many options to watch online including this article of watching fireworks from home, the rose bowl celebration in Pasadena is hosted online this year, Sacramento's Sky Concert from Elk Grove and there are many other options online.

As the Central Valley's premier hot tub dealer in Fresno with several years of winning the Fresno Bee's People's Choice Awards and longevity of 35 plus years in business, we are biased in saying that the best seat at your home is right in your hot tub! Relax in your very own HotSpring Spa or Tropic Seas Spa this summer. We are offering special pricing right now until July 3rd and if you hurry in soon we can even get your hot tub delivered by the 3rd of July! *Availability is limited and on a first come, first serve basis. Click Here for More Details. 

We will be closed July 4th-6th and hope that our customers have a safe and happy holiday.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Get Relief From Back Pain with A Tropic Seas Spa

Across the world, back pain is a common issue that affects the lives of many people. While there are several reasons for this discomfort, some of the most common reasons include: poor posture, sports injuries and stress. 

No matter the reason, according to the American Chiropractic Association, back pain is the leading cause of disability in the world. In the United States alone 31 million Americans are affected and it is estimated that 80% of Americans will experience back pain at some point in their lifetime.


Treat yourself to the ultimate full-body massage with the revolutionary stainless steel jets in Tropic Seas spas. They will relieve tension and melt away pain in a matter of minutes! 
This general information is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional.

HEALTH & WELLNESS Struggling with Back Pain


Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Top 5 Things You Should Not Do to Your Hot Tub

Energy House encourages our customers to get into their hot tub and relax and believe owning a HotSpring® Spa makes Every Day Made Better™. To keep enjoying your hot tub our service technicians recommend following these guidelines for what not to do to your hot tub. Regular maintenance of your hot tub could save our customers a call to our service department and costly repairs. Just like most valuables, you can extend the life of what you own if you take good care of it. For example, you would not leave your car sitting in the garage for months at a time without driving it, change the oil at the recommended mileage mark, and clean your car inside and out when it gets dirty. All of these things combined help down the road to having a better-looking vehicle that runs smoothly years later. A hot tub is a machine like your car that needs minimal maintenance to keep running smoothly.

  1.       Do not skip out on routine water care: It is very important for your safety to maintain sanitary water of your hot tub. When it comes to water care, test the water weekly with a test strip and add spa water care based on your results. Another time to test the water is just before you get in to make sure the water is balancing out and ready to get in. If you smell an odor, see a green color, or suds in the hot tub, it is time to drain and refill, as the water is no longer sanitary.
  2.     Do not forget to clean your filters: After talking with our service manager about the calls and scheduled backyard visits, he said about 70% of the time the issue is caused by dirty filters. The good news is that if customers clean their filters, they can prevent a technician from coming out to their hot tub. We sell two different types of filter cleaner one that is a spray and the other is a deep conditioning filter cleaner, either product works wonders. The filters should be cleaned every 2-4 months and replaced every 2-21/2 years. Also, another trick is to rotate the filters, meaning one filter runs the water with the circulation pump and the other filters with the jets. It is important to give this main filter a break by moving another filter in its place. The filter that runs the circ. pump will have a gray cap, so it is easy to identify. 
  3.        Do not forget to care for your hot tub cover: Wipe the spa cover clean, we offer a cover spray that is formulated to keep your cover clean. Leave your cover open for an hour or so right after putting chemicals into the hot tub. Don’t let the cover get too heavy, this is especially important for those in areas where there is snow during the winter, such as: Shaver Lake, Squaw Valley, Oakhurst, and Bass Lake.  Pro tip: allow your cover to fully dry out once a month, this will help extend the life of your cover.
  4.        Do not quit maintaining your hot tub: Do not forget to maintain weekly water care, clean your hot tub cover periodically, clean your filters every 2-4 months, and drain and refill hot tub based on use. If you can maintain a schedule for making sure that these steps are not completely forgotten in the mix of life, then you will have a well-functioning easy to use hot tub in your backyard. For our customer who use the salt sanitizing system, the hot tubs control panel will alert you when the salt in the water is getting low and needs to be replaced. Do not leave your hot tub full of water and not care for the water by testing and adding water care products. Do not turn the power off and leave the spa full of water, this can lead to freezing of the pipes, especially during winter months in places that snow. A frozen hot tub is a costly mistake. Change the silver ion cartridge every 4 months. Drain and refill as needed. This is based on usage; how many people are getting in the hot tub at one time and how often the hot tub is being used. A good indicator of when it is time to drain and refill is when the PH balances are getting off the scale more than your usual weekly maintenance seen on the test strip. 
  5.        Do not use your hot tub as a bath: Another way to keep your hot tub water clean and ready for a soak is to not use your hot tub as a bath. If you had a long day or just went to the gym, your hot tub is not the first place that you should go. A quick rinse in the shower will be sufficient for you to be ready to hop in and relax. Same goes for wearing lots makeup and hair products, if you know there might be a chance of getting your face and hair in the water, leave the makeup and hair spray off or wear waterproof makeup. Same goes for lotions, sunscreen, sweat, dirt, etc. Your hot tub filters will thank you. Also, laundry detergents with lots of soap can easily create bubbles or foam in your hot tub. Rinsing your swimsuit with water after use will keep them clean and your hot tub foam free.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Light Up Your World

Add a little magic to your backyard with string lights that brings the "wow" factor. Having lights surround your hot tub also adds to the romance. As soaking in a hot tub is a sensory experience, with the hot tub mood lighting, Bluetooth music sound system built into your hot tub (select models only), the warm feeling of the water, and smell of the spa with our spa scents that come in many different varieties. The only sensory missing is taste, as we don't recommend drinking the hot tub water, might we suggest a small table on the side of the hot tub for after you get out to enjoy chocolate dipped strawberries in your bath robes. Strawberries are in season after all, one of the great benefits of the Central Valley's summer heat. 

Here is a picture of the Spazazz spa scents, there are other scents not pictured that might meet your fancy. Give us a call for the other scents and we can have a bottle ready for pickup along with your other water care items. 

It is important to know how to hang up your string lights even if you do not have a deck or covered patio. I'm sure there are more expensive ideas out there, however I like the idea of adding a wooden post into a cement bucket in order to have a place for your lights to string to. For those with a beautiful deck, take advantage with an even easier way to get those string lights up, by using what you have. There are also many different types of string lights out there to use, here is a list of the top 8 string lights in 2020.  This is one of those honey-do's that your honey will not mind doing. Simple, easy and transforms your backyard into a romantic staycation or fun social environment to make future entertaining more enjoyable. Tell us about your at home string light project and if the outcome was everything you were hoping.