Friday, June 14, 2019

Dads of Energy House

Energy House wishes our customers a Happy Father's Day. We asked the dads at the Energy House a few questions regarding their best experiences of fatherhood.  

Kevin O'Neal, the store manager at Energy House, is a proud father of 19-year-old Mickenzy and 17-year-old Austin.  When asked what his favorite thing about being a dad is, Kevin replied, "Being proud of my kids accomplishments and watching them grow up to be kind adults. They have great hearts." Kevin went on to say, "My favorite moment is when we go on family vacations to Disneyland. My kids have been so many times I can’t keep count. I love watching them have so much fun and smile." Regarding any Father's Day plans this year, Kevin is having a relaxing day off with his family barbecuing and swimming. It seems this was a common theme for the fathers at the Energy House; taking the day off from work to relax and spending quality time with their family.

Casey Brantley, a service technician at the Energy House, is a proud father of 13-year-old JT, 10-year-old Edward, and 2-year-old Emma. "The best part about fatherhood so far is watching my kids grow up," said Casey. This sentiment seemed to be the same when asking each father what their favorite part of being a dad is. Casey went on about how he enjoys watching his sons succeed in sports, work hard, and practice. Last year Casey ran the Central Cal Ripken baseball league. His father loved baseball and now Casey's children feel the same. 

When asked about his favorite moments with his sons, it is no wonder his mind went to baseball. "I was so proud when my oldest son JT made MVP when his team made it to the state tournament and when Edward started to take an interest in baseball when he was 10 years old." Casey even took the extra effort to make a batting cage in their backyard. As for his daughter, he didn't hesitate saying, “I can't believe that I created something so beautiful." He spends one hour with her each day once he comes home from work and finishes his sons’ baseball practice. That's when they get to spend time together doing whatever she wants with her dad. Casey says that she behaves and thinks older than her age. "She acts like she is 5 even though she is only 2," Casey said. 

Mike O'Neal is the manager of our solar department and has one son, Bryan, who is 42 years old. Mike’s favorite part about being a dad is, "Watching him mature and become a successful adult in life and work". When asked about favorite memories with his son Mike said, "Vacationing in Maui." 

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate the dads who work hard to provide for their families, parent their children no matter how tough it may be, and are insightful role models to their little ones. Fatherhood or parenthood for that matter is a life-changing event that fills so much joy and love in your heart. From the moment your son or daughter is born there is no question of the love that you have for your baby. Growing up, it is so important to hear that we have made our dad proud. After talking to the fathers at Energy House, there are a lot of proud dads. We thank all of the dads out there; whether they are first time or seasoned fathers, here with us today or in a better place. We wish you all a great day full of fun and relaxation.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

How Much Does a Hot Tub Cost?

hot tub cost

How much does a hot tub cost?

When shopping for hot tubs, you will quickly find that there are several factors that can affect the final price of your dream spa. 


The biggest factor in hot tub cost is the construction of the spa.  There are basically two options to consider: is the spa acrylic or rotationally molded?
Acrylic spas are traditionally more expensive than rotationally molded spas due in part to the nature of how they are made.  They require more labor and higher material costs which means a more expensive spa for you.
Roto-molded hot tubs on the other hand take much less time and labor to produce, resulting in a hot tub that is naturally more affordable. But don’t mistake the lower price tag to mean lower quality. Roto molded hot tubs are extremely durable since they are made of polyethylene resin. And Watkins Manufacturing, the maker of Fantasy Spas, is the world’s largest producer of hot tubs.  In fact, our factory in Vista is ISO 9001:2008 certified, which means we manufacture our spas in accordance with one the strictest quality management systems around.


Since above ground hot tubs stay on all the time, you want a spa that is fully insulated and will keep the water hot all the time, with minimal energy consumption.  Quality hot tubs will always have full-foam insulation. Be careful of spas that have their cabinets filled with bags of fluff – those won’t keep the spa insulated nearly as well as filling the entire body cavity with foam. And if you have poor insulation, your hot tub will have to continually heat the water, using more energy and increasing your electric bills.  Fantasy Spas use only full foam insulation and are certified to the strict guidelines set forth by the California Energy Commission for hot tub consumption (the strictest set of guidelines in the country!)


It seems odd, but some spas don’t have an actual heater. They use what’s called a heat recovery or thermal friction heating system.  This system heats the water by capturing energy from the pump and converting it to heat.  The spa water will still get as hot, and stay as hot, as spas with a traditional heating units. The only difference is the base price of the hot tub.  Hot tubs with thermal friction units will generally have a lower price tag than those with stainless steel heaters.

DOES SIZE MATTER?2 person spa

It usually does when looking at hot tub price tags.  Small spas, like the Aspire ® that are designed for two people, or small patios are going to have a much lower starting price point than larger spas, like the Fantasy Spas Entice®.


You will most likely pay more for a hot tub with more jets.  But in all honesty, who needs a 110 jets?  There’s only so many jets a person can enjoy at a time.


Items such as steps, cover lifters and water care systems are usually not included in the base price of a spa, but they make a huge impact on the overall ease of use and enjoyment of a hot tub and are well worth the extra investment. Delivery is another thing to consider. Most acrylic spas weigh upwards of 500 lbs., so you may want to have your Energy House deliver the hot tub for you. Fantasy Spas, on the other hand, weigh less than 300 lbs, and because of their durability, you can easily turn them on their side, put them on a furniture dolly and wheel it into your backyard on your own – potentially saving you hundreds of dollars.


Depending on the construction, make and model, energy efficiency, jets, accessories, etc. hot tub costs can range anywhere from $3,500 to roughly $20,000.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Mother's Day 2019

Mother's Day 2019 takes on a whole new meaning now that I am a first time Mom. Before it was the gratitude I have for my Mother and all that she does and did. Now I actually know what is means to care for another persons life and well-being. Of course this is just the start of the long journey of parenthood, and there will be many more bumps and bruises along the way, but I am excited to take on the daily blessings and struggles. I’d like to share that the best part so far for me 10 months into Mom life would be baby giggles. His smiling face and little laugh is seriously what get’s me through those 3am morning cries. The worst part so far has been the lack of sleep, as many parents go through and then forget it seems. Even as he gets older there are still many nights when we are up doing the routine diaper change, feeding and then rocking back to bed.

What are your best and worst parts of parenting? Even if your children are all grown up and having children of their own, what moments in the past can you remember or what are the moments today that make you smile?

Motherhood is such a mix of emotions, hard work, dedication, and selflessness. Make sure to treat Mom this year: here are a few ideas.

1.     Buy her the ultimate gift of relaxation, a hot tub! Go all in with your siblings this year and treat Mom to a lifetime of hot water therapy. Let those jets get to work and massage tired muscles. Best part is she can go in whenever she feels like it no appointment necessary! We have a huge selection of hot tubs from small to medium to value, premiums and luxury systems. Any model would do the trick and our expert sales staff can make sure that whichever model you select for her, she will take home the right spa.
2.     Go for a weekend getaway. We live in Fresno next to Yosemite, wineries in Madera, and are not too far from the coast. You know your Mom best. Would she like to spend the day hiking somewhere beautiful or is she more of a beach goer?  Either way, take advantage of this scenic landscape that you know we are paying for.
3.     Skip the brunch and go to dinner instead. There are many nice restaurants in the area that serve a great meal. Top favorites include Casa Corona, Lunas, Wasabi, Tahoe Joe’s, Yosemite Ranch, Texas De Brazil just to name a few.
4.     A gift basket with her favorite items. Here’s a few ideas to get started: treat for her pup, tea, coffee, lip-gloss, chap-stick, candle, slippers, robe, ear-buds, bath bombs, lotion, nail polish, gift card to her favorite place to eat or shop, etc.
5.     More personal gift- based on her hobbies- gardening, gloves, tools, painting, brushes, canvas, dance, lessons, music, sound system, plays an instrument, accessories, music sheets, yoga, yoga mat, water bottles, horseback riding, lessons, equestrian equipment, she watches sports; yes? Some woman like this, buy her favorite team jersey or hat, and yes you get the idea.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Valentine's Day at Home

Valentine's day is tomorrow. If you haven't had the time to put much thought into what you and your significant other will do, might we suggest a staycation. The cloudy days and rain offer the perfect opportunity to get into your hot tub and relax in-front of the fireplace. 

Whether you have a wood, pellet or gas fireplace, all three are excellent heaters and give you those creature comforts and make a house feel like home. Imagine walking into your home and immediately feeling the warmth, the romantic ambiance that is all created with your fireplace. The embers are glowing and even your pets are gravitating towards its incandescence. This is something that not even an electric fireplace can create, because this flame is real produced by the fuel of wood, pellet or gas. There is no other feeling that can compare to a fireplace heating your home and your wallet will thank you for it is a fraction of the cost that you are paying to heat your home with your HVAC unit. If you want a real heater in your home, Energy House is the place to find what you need. 

As for our HotSpring hot tubs, many customers at the Energy House have purchased a hot tub as a gift for Valentine's Day or as an Anniversary present. If a larger purchase isn't in the cards right now, could a monthly payment be more suitable? We offer 5 year 0% interest financing to those who qualify. 

Why wait to enjoy heat in your home at a fraction of the cost of your heating and cooling unit and start receiving the health and relaxation benefits from your hot tub? Visit our showroom today to find out more we are located on Bullard and 41 HWY next to Boston Market. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

New Year New You

What's your New Years resolution this year? For me its the same as most years, get in shape and eat a few more salads. This last year was different, I was pregnant. 2019 is more about getting my body back to pre-pregnancy shape and beyond. With that in mind I'm sure many of you have similar general goals to improve your health. Whether you are a triathlete, workout occasionally, fitness enthusiast or barely getting off the couch to find the TV remote; most of us would like to keep our health to be the best we can for ourselves and for our loved ones. However you get there is up to you.

We offer an aquatic fitness machine that you might know as a swim spa. The Endless Pools fitness machine goes beyond swimming in place to taking your workout to the next level with rowing to strengthen your arms, treadmill for water resistant walks and runs, water yoga weight training and more. But don't just take it from me, here are some testimonials on Endless Pools.

Source: Arthritis Foundation,
  • Water’s buoyancy reduces the impact on joints.
  • Working out in water can help improve cardiovascular fitness, balance and range of motion.
  • Heated pools – typically 82 to 88 degrees – can help soothe pain. Cooler temps might not make your joints feels as good, but you’ll still reap the workout’s benefits.
  • Water also has greater resistance than air, which means walking in water requires more effort and ultimately burns more calories than walking on land.

What will it take to bring in the new year with the new you? The benefits of aerobic exercise are listed above. This is nothing new, we all have heard of the health benefits of water and exercise. We invite you to get started and take a look at one of our Endless Pools in our showroom on 41 and Bullard Ave. Wake up with less pain, soreness, stiff joints and get results. We encourage you to come in and try one of our fitness pools for free.  

Friday, December 21, 2018

New! Ravelli Pellet Stoves

We are now featuring Ravelli pellet stoves, made in Italy. They have a modern design with the classic dependability you would expect from your pellet stove. The Ravelli products that we carry are now in our showroom in an insert and you can view a completely different design with our freestanding model. To see if the Ravelli pellet stove or insert are a right fit for your home, here is a link to both models with their specs and images to see the beautiful color options that match your home design.

With Christmas just around the corner, the red options just seemed like the right color to show. Don't they look gorgeous?!

Roma Pellet Insert

RV 100 Classic Pellet Freestanding

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Top 3 Things to Consider When Purchasing A New Stove or Fireplace

1.)  Which stove is best for my needs gas, pellet or wood?

What you choose depends on your preference and fuel you have access to.

Gas Fireplace Insert- The majority of our customers prefer a gas unit for many reasons including convenience, stove turns on with flick of a button or by remote control, burns gas or liquid propane, don’t have to store fuel, it is easy to heat your home.

Pellet Fireplace Insert- Many of our customers prefer the strong heating efficiency of our pellet stove. Pellet stoves have come a long way. What we offer operates on electronic ignition; turns on and off, with a click of a button and operates on a five level speed control.
Wood Fireplace Insert- Others have grown up with a wood fireplace in their home and want to keep it that way. Our wood units burn more efficiently with a re-burn system, so you can use them without polluting the air as much as your current chimney and get more heat into your home.

No matter which fireplace you decide, all of our fireplaces are efficient heaters and offer top quality design.

    2.)  What are the measurements of my existing fireplace?

Measure inside the existing firebox to get an idea of how large or small of an insert will fit into the existing cavity. At the minimum it is best to come in knowing the size of A and B, as shown in the diagram below. Bringing in a picture of what you currently have also helps in selecting the right fireplace for you.

3           3.)  Once you decide on which stove to purchase, what are next steps?

      You want to make sure that when you make your purchase there is an installer and service department to back up your stove purchase. Energy House has a top quality service department available for repairs, maintenance and annual stove cleanings. Along with excellent service, the installer we refer to has over 30 years of experience installing stoves along with an electrician and contractors license. Installs vary on a case-by-case basis depending on many factors including; pitch of roof, type of fireplace, single story or two stories, location of fireplace in the home and many more. That is why your salesperson will ask many questions before finding your perfect fireplace insert or freestanding stove.