Friday, December 21, 2018

New! Ravelli Pellet Stoves

We are now featuring Ravelli pellet stoves, made in Italy. They have a modern design with the classic dependability you would expect from your pellet stove. The Ravelli products that we carry are now in our showroom in an insert and you can view a completely different design with our freestanding model. To see if the Ravelli pellet stove or insert are a right fit for your home, here is a link to both models with their specs and images to see the beautiful color options that match your home design.

With Christmas just around the corner, the red options just seemed like the right color to show. Don't they look gorgeous?!

Roma Pellet Insert

RV 100 Classic Pellet Freestanding

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Top 3 Things to Consider When Purchasing A New Stove or Fireplace

1.)  Which stove is best for my needs gas, pellet or wood?

What you choose depends on your preference and fuel you have access to.

Gas Fireplace Insert- The majority of our customers prefer a gas unit for many reasons including convenience, stove turns on with flick of a button or by remote control, burns gas or liquid propane, don’t have to store fuel, it is easy to heat your home.

Pellet Fireplace Insert- Many of our customers prefer the strong heating efficiency of our pellet stove. Pellet stoves have come a long way. What we offer operates on electronic ignition; turns on and off, with a click of a button and operates on a five level speed control.
Wood Fireplace Insert- Others have grown up with a wood fireplace in their home and want to keep it that way. Our wood units burn more efficiently with a re-burn system, so you can use them without polluting the air as much as your current chimney and get more heat into your home.

No matter which fireplace you decide, all of our fireplaces are efficient heaters and offer top quality design.

    2.)  What are the measurements of my existing fireplace?

Measure inside the existing firebox to get an idea of how large or small of an insert will fit into the existing cavity. At the minimum it is best to come in knowing the size of A and B, as shown in the diagram below. Bringing in a picture of what you currently have also helps in selecting the right fireplace for you.

3           3.)  Once you decide on which stove to purchase, what are next steps?

      You want to make sure that when you make your purchase there is an installer and service department to back up your stove purchase. Energy House has a top quality service department available for repairs, maintenance and annual stove cleanings. Along with excellent service, the installer we refer to has over 30 years of experience installing stoves along with an electrician and contractors license. Installs vary on a case-by-case basis depending on many factors including; pitch of roof, type of fireplace, single story or two stories, location of fireplace in the home and many more. That is why your salesperson will ask many questions before finding your perfect fireplace insert or freestanding stove.  

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Home and Garden Show Recap

The Home and Garden Show's last day was on Sunday. The rain and wind tested the tent and signage of our massive booth set up, however everything worked out when it came down to opening day. The kind people of Fresno and Clovis came out to enjoy the greasy tacos, sugary cinnamon rolls and of course all of the home items for sale. Many walked by our booth and some walked away with their very own high quality Hot Spring Spas or one of our American made stoves from Innovative Hearth products carrying the Country stoves line and Kozy Heat stoves.

Overall the Home and Garden Show was a success. We got lucky that is did not rain non-stop and that there were beautiful breaks of sunshine. Though we had to laugh at how it did not rain all year until the show rolled around. It would seem that it takes a Home show to bring on the rain that we have been needing in California. Until we see you all again next year at the Home and Garden Show, but wait you don't have to wait to get show deals, we have promotions year round so keep an eye out for those.