Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Crazy Weather!

This weather is absolutely crazy! I have only experienced a less than a handful of these wacky and whimsical weather roller coasters. It's hot, it's cool, it's windy as "all get out", and your pool, garden, and grass are spinning like the dickens trying to figure out how to respond to all of the wacky weather.

Let's concentrate on your pool and how to address it in this type of weather. Typically while the pool  water is confused, so too is the pool customer. Reality is that the weather according to history is going warm up with some sort of consistency.

So, let's address it by the numbers....if you have not cleaned you filters last fall or early this spring, now is a good time to do so. Next, bring a water sample into the Energy House for computerized analysis. Once this is completed balance the pool water as per the balancing instructions. Make sure you are circulating the popper number of hours per day. Call and we can help you with that.  This should get you on track to brilliant water.

Finally, follow our simple 1,2,3 system and you are 99% guaranteed beautiful water, and you won't get algae. The 1% is for that small chance you don't follow 1..2..3...which is sanitize, oxidize(shock), prevent algae, along with balancing.
Soon we'll be back to this....
See ya soon!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hot Tubs and Hot Weather?

......Absolutely! Many places in California are not as hot as California's Central Valley and the thought of continued use of  a hot tub in the summer doesn't come up, it simply get's used. Many years into assisting customers at the Energy House I noticed a trend, hot tubs were not getting used in the summer months. In fact, hot tubs were being shut down in the summer similar to the way they are winterized  in the eastern part of the US. This was a little puzzling to me here is "America's next great appliance" is sitting in perfectly good condition.....shut completely down like a snow blower.

We'll one day I happened to ask a customer that I knew had both a pool and a spa from Energy House how they are enjoying their spa. The answer was "we don't use our spa in the summer." I asked "why?" and the answer was "it's too hot."  I replied "too hot?" then asked "the weather, or the spa?" He said both. I asked if he'd ever thought of turning the temperature down on the spa. He replied "I never thought of that....."

As it turns out, this thought of spas and summer time not being a match was very common. And as the years went by staff has been educating customers on how they can enjoy their hot tubs all year around. It's simple just turn the temp all the way down and add a slightly folded face towel on the bar top to allow heat generated by direct sunlight to escape. And there you go!

There is nothing better than a cool refreshing body massage, and right in the comfort of your own backyard. Just because it's called a hot tub doesn't mean you have to keep the heat jacked up to infinity in the summer. Hot tubs and hot weather? Absolutely,turn it down and enjoy!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring is Here!

Spring is Here.....!

.....And unfortunately every year our showroom is flooded with calls, and customers who's pool resembles the pic on the left vs. the pic on the right. It's actually pretty easy to start the season with a pool that looks like the pic on the right, but I will save that for another time.

Sooo what's next? Well it's a pretty easy process, it's just time consuming and the price tag can add up depending on the severity. Hopefully you have cleaned the filter in the fall before the pool went dormant, if not guess what you get to do? It starts by bringing in a water sample for computerized water analysis. The pool must be balanced first for the process to be most effective. This will tell us where the water is "at" from balancing perspective, where it needs to be, and how to get there with no guess work. It's now time to increase pool circulation times. We will recommend pool run times based on your pool size. Next add the recommended products per the read-out based on the analysis results. It's highly recommended to run the pool 24hrs the first day during this process.

If you have followed all the recommended instructions on the analysis print out you should see improvement within a 24hr period. There is no answer as to when any pool will "turn the corner" but, the 24hr window is a good indicator if the pool is making progress. It is also a good idea to check progress by monitoring the chlorine level, visual status, and sharing this info with the Energy House. We should be able to let you know whether the pool is progressing.

Once the pool is clear and resembles the pic on the right, re-clean the filter and bring in another water sample for final balancing. Keep us in the loop by bringing in a water sample every two weeks to at least once a month. This should keep you "on track." Remember it is easier and less expensive to maintain rather than rescue a pool.

It is always the goal to have our pools look like this....

Brilliant! ...See ya soon!

Monday, February 18, 2013

What is this "I'm a Hot Tubber" stuff?

For many years the world's leading hot tub manufacture Watkins Mfg., the makers of the Hot Spring Spa, has felt that the hot tub category in consumer products is grossly under represented. As a giant in this category they continually made industry innovations, and lead the way in market share. Despite these impressive accolades the hot tub industry still fell short in recognition when compared to other industries.

 Let's quickly look at why this puzzling phenomenon exists. OK, so you have a product that when mentioned generally evokes pleasure, relaxation and happy memories and yet most of the population does not own this product? Could it be most think it's too expensive? Well when the general population is polled on hot tub pricing, the consensus is that they are expensive. However when it is revealed hot tub pricing starts at $2999, consumers often respond with surprise at what they would consider an "affordable" starting price point. Consumers also have the impression hot tubs are tough to maintain. Depending on brand, some hot tubs are easier to maintain due to today's innovations, but over all the average hot tub takes a few minutes a week to maintain. This too surprised consumers.

So what is it? Frankly Watkins has no idea. However, they do have an idea about one thing for sure....HotSpring Spa customers are some of the best consumer evangelists on the planet. They love their hot tubs and they'd love to tell you about it! Watkins identifies these customers as "Hot Tubbers".

So what better way to get the message out there than by a large group of happy customers who love their hot tub. These Hot Tubbers are publicly professing their love for their hot tub by stating "I'm a Hot Tubber!" And guess what.....It's kinda catchy.  Watch this....."Hi, I'm Rob and I'm a Hot Tubber"  LOL!

Now for all you Hot Tubbers out there who want to stand up and tell everyone how you love your Hot Tub Watkins will give you a free Hot Tubber Gift Box. Go here for details: