Monday, April 28, 2014

I Think it's Here

We keep wondering, and it keeps changing. We think it's there, and here we stand in the unexpected. What in the heck are we talking about? The weather! This once again is the weirdest, wildest weather we've seen in a while. So...what do we make all this? Well, I think it's here. It's about a month early, but I think it's here....... Ok, enough with the riddles already! I think pool season is here. ...No, no it IS pool season.

I think we are pretty confidant the weather is going to hold. We always say when your pool temps get above 65 degrees start paying attention to your pool water. As we are assisting folks getting a jump on pool season we are seeing pool temps range from 70 to a whopping 75 degrees. If you don't pay attention to your pool water during uncharacteristic such as what we are experiencing, it's quite possible to wake up with a green pool overnight.
So, now that we are is how we get there LOL! Make sure you bring a water sample in for analysis. This will allow us to verify where the water chemistry is and if we need to make any adjustment. It's a good idea to perform a good spring shock treatment at this time to oxidize any winter compounds. Add the suggested items and you should be good. Hop in and enjoy.......I think it's here.
Note- It rained for two days while composing this blog LOL!
See ya soon!


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