Friday, December 9, 2016

Do Solar Panels Work in Winter?

Solar panels do work in the winter. That’s because solar energy is created by sunlight, not heat. So even though it may get cold and rainy in the central valley, as long as there's sunlight, solar panels will produce energy. It’s important that solar panels are built to endure these seasonal changes so they continue to perform well in the winter. 

How Solar Panels Capture the Winter Sun

Since solar panels rely on sunlight, when the days are shorter, your solar system will produce less energy. It’s beneficial, then, to have a system calibrated to efficiently capture the most sun.
SunPower solar systems are designed for maximum efficiency, which means they can produce more electricity even in low-light conditions. Using high-quality, anti-reflective glass, SunPower panels trap light from all angles, capturing more sunlight than conventional panels1. This helps your solar system make energy throughout a winter’s day, from sun up to sun down and even on cloudy days.

Solar Can Stand Up to Tough Weather

From super storms to ice sheets to a shifting polar vortex, winter can also bring extreme weather. While those conditions can make it challenging for solar systems to produce energy, SunPower has had 30 years to perfect its technology to withstand the elements.
Product testing is something that SunPower takes seriously. Rated No. 1 in durability in third-party testing2, no other home solar technology stands up to the elements better than SunPower even in the most the most challenging conditions: snow, extreme temperatures and 90 mph hurricane-force winds. That’s one of the reasons SunPower solar technology was chosen for NASA’s GROVER exploration of the polar ice cap in Greenland.
SunPower solar systems are designed to work seamlessly and comprehensively in all seasons. Very little maintenance is required, but it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your energy production and look for irregularities. Don’t hesitate to have your system looked contact us at (559-432-1500) if you have questions. We’re so confident in SunPowers product durability and year-round performance that our systems are backed by an industry-leading 25-year Combined Power and Product Warranty.
Don’t have a home solar system yet? Contact us to find out how you save with  SunPower from Energy House.

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