Thursday, July 20, 2017

Water Care Made Easier with Ozone

What is ozone?

Ozone is your hot tubs best friend. What I mean by this is that ozone works with your hot tubs current system whether it be salt water system, bromine water system or chlorine water system. Ozonators split oxygen atoms that collide and create ozone. Adding ozone to your existing water care process has many benefits including:

  1. Reduce the amount of chemicals you use to keep your spa sanitized
  2. Only by product of ozone is oxygen
  3. Easy on spa equipment
  4. Eliminates chloramines which is a toxic by product of chlorine
  5. Ozone oxidizes or burns off hydrogen sulfides and iron managases.
It is good to note that ozone in your spa is a great addition to your water care process, however it is not meant to be a stand alone product, though it will reduce your use of spa chemicals. 

Is there more than one type of ozonator?

There are two types of ozonators for a hot tub, UV (ultraviolet) ozonator and CD (corona discharge) ozonator. UV ozonators use ultraviolet lamps to split the oxygen atoms to produce ozone. Ultraviolet light waves are broadcast at a higher frequency than natural sunlight or other forms of artificial light and acts to split oxygen atoms apart.  Corona discharge ozonators work when air passes through an electrical field that acts to break oxygen molecules apart. 

Which ozonator is better to use for a hot tub?

CD ozonators is a newer technology whereas UV ozonators have been around for decades. The new type of ozonator has the following benefits over the UV ozonators:
  • Less electricity
  • Manufacturers claim they last longer than UV units
  • Manufacturers claim they are better made and more effective at reducing contaminants than most UV units
  • Hot tub users report that CD units help them with better water quality
  • CD ozonators tend to produce a greater amount of heat than UV ozonators

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