Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Shopping for an Insert: Here's What to Bring

When shopping for an insert to fit into your fireplace it is best to bring a picture with you of your fireplace. It is even more helpful if you bring along a photo and fireplace measurements. Here is a guideline for taking your fireplace measurements.    
Also, let us know if you have a masonry fireplace or zero clearance fireplace. Masonry fireplaces are brick or stone inside and outside where the chimney is. Zero clearance are prefabricated fireplaces that tend to have stucco or an exterior that matches the home. Zero clearance fireplaces tend to have metal framing and glass doors, whereas masonry fireplace are typically a firebox without doors or metal framing. 
Masonry Fireplace
Zero Clearance Fireplace

Once you have all the measurements and know which type of fireplace you currently have, come into the store to select the perfect gas/pellet/wood insert for your home. Our team is here to help you find which type of insert works best for you and your family. Energy House also makes it easy in providing you with an installer you can trust. Larry McCollum has been in the stove industry for over 20 years. Larry is a certified electrician and certified in the valley air district program as well. He has done hundreds of installs including custom install jobs that only an experienced professional can handle. 

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