Friday, June 14, 2019

Dads of Energy House

Energy House wishes our customers a Happy Father's Day. We asked the dads at the Energy House a few questions regarding their best experiences of fatherhood.  

Kevin O'Neal, the store manager at Energy House, is a proud father of 19-year-old Mickenzy and 17-year-old Austin.  When asked what his favorite thing about being a dad is, Kevin replied, "Being proud of my kids accomplishments and watching them grow up to be kind adults. They have great hearts." Kevin went on to say, "My favorite moment is when we go on family vacations to Disneyland. My kids have been so many times I can’t keep count. I love watching them have so much fun and smile." Regarding any Father's Day plans this year, Kevin is having a relaxing day off with his family barbecuing and swimming. It seems this was a common theme for the fathers at the Energy House; taking the day off from work to relax and spending quality time with their family.

Casey Brantley, a service technician at the Energy House, is a proud father of 13-year-old JT, 10-year-old Edward, and 2-year-old Emma. "The best part about fatherhood so far is watching my kids grow up," said Casey. This sentiment seemed to be the same when asking each father what their favorite part of being a dad is. Casey went on about how he enjoys watching his sons succeed in sports, work hard, and practice. Last year Casey ran the Central Cal Ripken baseball league. His father loved baseball and now Casey's children feel the same. 

When asked about his favorite moments with his sons, it is no wonder his mind went to baseball. "I was so proud when my oldest son JT made MVP when his team made it to the state tournament and when Edward started to take an interest in baseball when he was 10 years old." Casey even took the extra effort to make a batting cage in their backyard. As for his daughter, he didn't hesitate saying, “I can't believe that I created something so beautiful." He spends one hour with her each day once he comes home from work and finishes his sons’ baseball practice. That's when they get to spend time together doing whatever she wants with her dad. Casey says that she behaves and thinks older than her age. "She acts like she is 5 even though she is only 2," Casey said. 

Mike O'Neal is the manager of our solar department and has one son, Bryan, who is 42 years old. Mike’s favorite part about being a dad is, "Watching him mature and become a successful adult in life and work". When asked about favorite memories with his son Mike said, "Vacationing in Maui." 

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate the dads who work hard to provide for their families, parent their children no matter how tough it may be, and are insightful role models to their little ones. Fatherhood or parenthood for that matter is a life-changing event that fills so much joy and love in your heart. From the moment your son or daughter is born there is no question of the love that you have for your baby. Growing up, it is so important to hear that we have made our dad proud. After talking to the fathers at Energy House, there are a lot of proud dads. We thank all of the dads out there; whether they are first time or seasoned fathers, here with us today or in a better place. We wish you all a great day full of fun and relaxation.

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