Monday, August 19, 2019

Location, Location, Location...of Your Hot Tub

The location of your hot tub is important for many different reasons, including access from your house to your spa, delivery access, structural support, access for repairs, drainage and waterproofing and privacy. Your hot tub is going to be wherever you place it for a long time and I’m sure you plan on using your spa often.

1. Access from your house to your spa- the convenience and ease of access to your hot tub should be considered when making plans. Having the spa too far away could become an inconvenience, especially in the winter months. We recommend placing the spa closer to your backyard entrance of the house, somewhere on your deck or patio. For those with doors leading out from the master bedroom, setting your spa near here could make for a romantic getaway. Before modifying anything in your backyard, take the time to sit out there and picture how you would like your space to function.

2. Delivery access- once you have designated a location for your hot tub, it is time to think of how your hot tub will be transported into your yard. Map out a path to your designated spa location with enough room for the hot tub to be moved on its side. Refer to your spa models pre-delivery handbook for the exact dimensions of your spa. This path needs to have the same amount of clearance throughout and in some cases partial fence removal or even crane delivery is required depending on the situation. Our experienced delivery crew has been doing spa deliveries for a long time and are efficient at getting your hot tub exactly where you want it.

3. Structural support- for long-term placement of your spa, a 4-inch concrete pad provides a solid foundation. Other options include brick, pre-cast stepping-stones, pea gravel or crushed rock, or railroad ties. The main thing to keep in mind is that the foundation needs to be level and able to support the weight of your spa filled with water and people. This is especially important for those placing the hot tub on a deck.  

3. Access for repairs- for any maintenance or repairs make sure to leave room for the spa equipment access panel and for the panel door to open fully. It is crucial that the technician can get to this without having obstacles in the way.

4. Drainage and waterproofing- Your spa will need to be drained a few times per year, only once a year if using Freshwater Salt System. There will be lots of moisture between draining your spa and the water that spills over from getting in and out. That is why when a hot tub is placed on a deck it is advisable to use an oil-based sealant to retain the deck’s integrity.

5. Privacy- this might be a situation where you have neighbors that are two-stories and yours is a single or perhaps there is an area in your backyard more covered with trees and shrubbery. Whatever the case may be, choose a place where you and your family will enjoy for years to come. An umbrella (for sell in our store) could be used to cover your spa and make it more secluded. Also, a gazebo is a nice touch for added shade and privacy.

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