Monday, March 26, 2012

2012 Peoples Choice Awards

The Fresno Bees 2012 Peoples Choice Awards have just been announced and the Energy House has won in two categories which are the Best Solar Company a new category, and Best Spa Company.

In the Solar category the Energy House is both excited and surprised. Excited because the Energy House works hard at providing the highest quality product, as well as an installation to match. It's always exciting to have customers recognize your hard work and reward you with such a powerful accolade. It's also surprising in that solar in general is saturated with contractors. With the Central Valley being the number 3 hot spot for solar in California, winning this award is pretty wowing. In 1984 the Energy House's foundation started in solar. There may be bigger names, but that bigger name does not equate to better quality or experience.

The Spa Category is a newly created category since 2007. The Energy House has been number one in this category since it's inception. An unnamed source mentioned we have been overwhelming winners each year. Like Solar the world of hot tubs is very competitive. However offering the number one sold hot tub globally a HotSpring, and dedicating 6000 square feet for interactive display proves your experience is important to us.

Thank you for your support and we will cotinue to work hard for you!

Thanks again and chat with you soon!!

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