Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring is Approaching

Spring is approaching which is an exciting time for both spa and pool owners. The smell of the blossoming flowers, fresh cut grass, birds chirping, and that overall good feeling that winter is behind  us is enough to make most of us smile....that is unless you love winter. So here are a few tips;

Spa owners unless you have done so recently, drain and wipe out your spa, chemically clean the filters, and refill. Then bring a sample in to have our computer tell you where the chemistry is at, where it needs to be, and how to get there with absolutely no guess work. Our staff is well qualified to advise you on any water care questions. Also, it's not a bad time to "hit" the cover with a little cover shield protectant. And as we get into summer it is not a bad idea to do this twice a month to increase the covers life.

Pool owners I know spring has sprung but I urge you to have a little patience and make sure the water temp is above 55 degrees and rising. If this is the case, bring in a water sample just as I have explained to the spa customers. It's also not a bad idea to turn on the pump and check the entire system to make sure it weathered the winter without issue. You want repair all necessary items if needed before we are truly in season. If you are above 55 degrees and rising increase your pools run time from 1-3 hrs per day depending on it's size until you get over 65-68 degrees. Once this is the case, run your pump on it's full cycle per day to help maintain a clean, clear, and inviting pool.

If you have any questions you may call, email, tweet, or facebook us at the following locations;


Happy Spring!

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