Friday, May 10, 2019

Mother's Day 2019

Mother's Day 2019 takes on a whole new meaning now that I am a first time Mom. Before it was the gratitude I have for my Mother and all that she does and did. Now I actually know what is means to care for another persons life and well-being. Of course this is just the start of the long journey of parenthood, and there will be many more bumps and bruises along the way, but I am excited to take on the daily blessings and struggles. I’d like to share that the best part so far for me 10 months into Mom life would be baby giggles. His smiling face and little laugh is seriously what get’s me through those 3am morning cries. The worst part so far has been the lack of sleep, as many parents go through and then forget it seems. Even as he gets older there are still many nights when we are up doing the routine diaper change, feeding and then rocking back to bed.

What are your best and worst parts of parenting? Even if your children are all grown up and having children of their own, what moments in the past can you remember or what are the moments today that make you smile?

Motherhood is such a mix of emotions, hard work, dedication, and selflessness. Make sure to treat Mom this year: here are a few ideas.

1.     Buy her the ultimate gift of relaxation, a hot tub! Go all in with your siblings this year and treat Mom to a lifetime of hot water therapy. Let those jets get to work and massage tired muscles. Best part is she can go in whenever she feels like it no appointment necessary! We have a huge selection of hot tubs from small to medium to value, premiums and luxury systems. Any model would do the trick and our expert sales staff can make sure that whichever model you select for her, she will take home the right spa.
2.     Go for a weekend getaway. We live in Fresno next to Yosemite, wineries in Madera, and are not too far from the coast. You know your Mom best. Would she like to spend the day hiking somewhere beautiful or is she more of a beach goer?  Either way, take advantage of this scenic landscape that you know we are paying for.
3.     Skip the brunch and go to dinner instead. There are many nice restaurants in the area that serve a great meal. Top favorites include Casa Corona, Lunas, Wasabi, Tahoe Joe’s, Yosemite Ranch, Texas De Brazil just to name a few.
4.     A gift basket with her favorite items. Here’s a few ideas to get started: treat for her pup, tea, coffee, lip-gloss, chap-stick, candle, slippers, robe, ear-buds, bath bombs, lotion, nail polish, gift card to her favorite place to eat or shop, etc.
5.     More personal gift- based on her hobbies- gardening, gloves, tools, painting, brushes, canvas, dance, lessons, music, sound system, plays an instrument, accessories, music sheets, yoga, yoga mat, water bottles, horseback riding, lessons, equestrian equipment, she watches sports; yes? Some woman like this, buy her favorite team jersey or hat, and yes you get the idea.

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