Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Valentine's Day at Home

Valentine's day is tomorrow. If you haven't had the time to put much thought into what you and your significant other will do, might we suggest a staycation. The cloudy days and rain offer the perfect opportunity to get into your hot tub and relax in-front of the fireplace. 

Whether you have a wood, pellet or gas fireplace, all three are excellent heaters and give you those creature comforts and make a house feel like home. Imagine walking into your home and immediately feeling the warmth, the romantic ambiance that is all created with your fireplace. The embers are glowing and even your pets are gravitating towards its incandescence. This is something that not even an electric fireplace can create, because this flame is real produced by the fuel of wood, pellet or gas. There is no other feeling that can compare to a fireplace heating your home and your wallet will thank you for it is a fraction of the cost that you are paying to heat your home with your HVAC unit. If you want a real heater in your home, Energy House is the place to find what you need. 

As for our HotSpring hot tubs, many customers at the Energy House have purchased a hot tub as a gift for Valentine's Day or as an Anniversary present. If a larger purchase isn't in the cards right now, could a monthly payment be more suitable? We offer 5 year 0% interest financing to those who qualify. 

Why wait to enjoy heat in your home at a fraction of the cost of your heating and cooling unit and start receiving the health and relaxation benefits from your hot tub? Visit our showroom today to find out more we are located on Bullard and 41 HWY next to Boston Market. 

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