Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pool Parties

With graduation's around the corner, and consistently nice weather in sight pool parties are about to be in full swing. Through years of assistance in this area, I felt this was a good time to address ways to help pool owners look like their pools should be featured in a magazine brimming with brilliance.

Now, before I start on this journey I want  to make one important statement....if your party is on Saturday don't start working on your pool on Friday! Although I risk sounding like Mr. Obvious, you would be surprised at the number of folks who do just what I described. Show quality pool water takes time, time for adjustments, and time to react. So, if your party is in fact on Saturday, start working on your pool on Tuesday or Wednesday.

The first step is to make sure your pool water is balanced. We can help you with this with our free computerized water testing. Balancing is an important first step as it allows the other processes to work at their optimal potential. Secondly shock the pool to oxidize and clean-up any organics and undesirable compounds in the water. Shocking also adds a quick boost of chlorine to the water. At this time make sure your chlorine source is added to the water. You now have a couple of days to "play around" with the water and make any necessary adjustments. There are times when it takes 24hrs for an adjustment to take place, so by starting early you have plenty of time. The last step is to "polish" the water. I typically do not use clarifies, however if there is a party I want the pool to look it's sparkling best. This application of clarifier will have your pool as clear as an aquarium. More is not better when using clarifiers....trust me for now I will explain later.

Finally make sure you are running the pool 8hrs per day during this process. Some folks like to turn the pump off during the party, I like to keep it on as the pool is under a lot of stress during the party.

So there you go.....follow these tips and your pool will give you all the pleasure of a perfect pool party.

Chat with you later....

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