Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Main Face Behind the Brand

Steve Combs

There it is folks, the main face behind the brand that is The Energy House. Steve Combs the owner of The Energy House has been a major specialty retailer since 1984. Few have gained his level of success, yet when he shares his recipe for success there are only a few ingredients. "It's quality products, treat your staff with respect, a fair wage and they become long term to both their, and your business success....own your business and inventory, and re-invest back into your customers and business yearly.....  Plus after a consumer becomes a customer, I want to position the business to always be there for them long term"

Sound easy? Well let us as his staff tell you, it's not easy. It takes hard work and dedication from every department. There are hiccups at times, and no we are not perfect but work hard together to make the customer experience at The Energy House one worthy of a recommendation. For this reason we are a six time consecutive Peoples Choice Awards Winner. Multi-time Dealer Of The Year award winner in our product categories, and receive praise from our customer base on a regular basis. If it's not right we will work hard to make it right.

It does make the job easier when your offerings are of the highest quality. Mr. Combs says "it helps us all sleep better at knowing we sold the highest quality product, plus I just feel good about it." This also makes it easy on staff because they sell with confidence. From a warranty perspective it also makes service easy. "A more reliable product, backed by industry respected manufactures makes good sense to me" says Mr. Combs.

"When it comes to the customer experience, I want to know I did all I could do to make their decision the right one, especially when it comes down to who they chose to do business with..." It is not uncommon for Mr. Combs, or staff to ask why they chose to purchase a particular product...and why from The Energy House? Not a common practice in today's retail. This is asked to find out, offer, and give consumers what they want.

......And finally, that smiling face you see goes for miles, motivates both customers and employees, and is easy to wear when you work hard at you craft and it rewards you with the affirmation that what you are doing is working. He is not always available on site to say "Hi." He  also knows you have many options and choices as a consumer.  But when he is on site, he absolutely loves to interact and......personally thank you for choosing the Energy House.

See ya soon

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