Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Spa Owners-Care made easy!

In 15 years of assisting customers with spa water care I can't tell you how many times I was asked "Is there just one thing I can add that will do everything?" Well, the answer has always been "no", however there are some innovations on the market that get us pretty darn close.

The fist product is a natural product by ecoOne called Spa Monthly. This is an awesome product for those challenged with keeping their spa sparkling clear at all times.
ecoOne uses a natural organic approach to water care by using coconut essence oil as an attractant to the organics that give consumers standard care issues. This would include natural body oils, lotions, dirt, and minerals in the water. Best of all it makes the water feel soft, non-irritating, biodegradable, stabilizes pH and alkalinity, it's also all natural and non-foaming. One bottle of this natural "magic" will keep 500 gallons of water crystal clear for a month. It's compatible with most sanitizing systems, but in my opinion the most important feature of this product is how it makes water care so easy by carrying the load of the entire process.

Now, the next product riding the line of "just put this in and that's it...." comes closer than any product I'm currently know. This product goes by the deserved sexy name of SilkBalance.
I love this product! Gone are the days of balancing, test strips,sanitizers, and bottles of this, or that. Yup, all you add weekly is a dose of SilkBalance..........aaaand enhanced spa shock. Well, here is the story, SilkBalance has been in Europe for years as a standalone spa product. However, in America we have an entity called the EPA, and to have any sort of sanitizing claims SilkBalance was required to post a significantly large amount of financing for the EPA to conduct years of testing. In short, although SilkBalance does sanitize, by leaving out this claim and having the consumer use Enhanced Spa Shock which contains a small amount of unstable chlorine, we solved the issue. SilkBalance also makes the water feel silky soft, has a pleasant aroma, and just flat out rocks! Add your weekly dose of SilkBalance and Enhanced Shock and that's it. Our customer base is loving this product as well as many members of our staff.

Simply put....who doesn't want easy? We all do! For more information on any of these products, contact us on facebook @ Energy House Fresno, email us at energyhousefresno.com, or call us at 559.432.1500.

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