Saturday, April 28, 2012

Don't Miss Out!!!

A couple of things had my mind on the following topic, the first being I'm a little achy right now(don't laugh!), and secondly the number of folks wondering how to "put their hot tubs away for the summer."  Put it away I ask? I then follow with the question why? The response is always similar as the folks in California's Central Valley seem to feel once the temps rise then they can no longer use their hot tubs. It is true the product deemed Americas next great appliance is called a hot tub. .........But that does not mean it has to be hot.

OK, now that I have you in an ah-ha moment I want to share a couple of things regarding hot tubs. The average temperature of a hot tub should be what you like. It is a misconception that a hot tub has to be hot or even super hot to work it's magic. In fact, simply being in a environment where you lose sensation of 75% of your body weight coupled with properly placed hydrotherapy jets is enough to create bliss. The second thing is "Don't Miss Out!!!" use your tub all year around, just simply turn the temperature down to it's lowest setting and enjoy! When I tell folks this on the sales floor I usually get a slight jaw drop followed by an epiphany prompted ....."I didn't think of that."

So there you have it. But before I let you go I have another tip, to keep the direct sunlight from being retained by your hot tub water we always take something like a wash cloth and place it on the bar top preventing a good seal. This will allow the heated water to gas-off thus keeping the water cool. Also, in the middle of writing this blog I came upon a bit of irony as I had a customer call and ask a similar question. I told him of the blog I was composing and he thought it was "kool."

Take care.... and Don't Miss Out!!!

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