Saturday, July 14, 2012

I'm A Little Stressed

"I'm a little stressed".......This is what your pool is telling you through our current heat spell. Think about the reality of what your pool is's over 100 degrees, and chlorine is leaving your pool with the quickness, couple this with a lot of pool activity....and yeah I think I understand.

On a hot day chlorine leaves your pool at a faster rate than normal. As a matter of fact, the sun is the arch enemy of chlorine. This is why we have you add cyanuric acid which also goes by the name of stabilizer. As long as your CYA or stabilizer level is over 40 you are good. A good analogy is stabilizer is like sunglasses for the chlorine in your pool. Most chlorine has stabilizer in it so unless it's a fresh fill on your pool chances are you are just fine.

Pool activity also uses chlorine at a faster rate. During times of elevated temps or heat waves, pools generally get more usage. And with more usage this puts stress on the chlorine's ability to sanitize and thusly more chlorine is used. To combat this inevitability I highly recommend a higher dose of chlorine during this period.

So, since your pool can't actually tell you what's going on verbally, it's going to "sign" you. Here are the signs....cloudy water, high rate of chlorine usage, slightly green tinged and cloudy,  and a possible slight odor. One way or another, you will get a sign. Listen and react without haste because this is also know as a pre-algae condition. Once you get algae, the remedy can be expensive so prevention is the best policy. Any questions regarding this or any other pool or spa chemistry issue, give us a call 559.432.1500.

See ya soon..

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