Monday, April 23, 2012

Pool Owners

Ingound and aboveground pool owners living in the California Central Valley you have just experienced the wildest weather swing in years. You know, the kind that has you wearing a sweater one week, and pulling out your favorite shorts the next. Well, while all of this was going on your pool went from that cold crystal blue to rapidly rising temps that have it looking a little hazy. If this is the case for you act quickly! That hazy look is your pool warning you it's about to turn emerald green with algae. We call this a pre-algae condition. 

The good news is that your pool did not turn green, and was nice enough to give you a hint as long as you paid attention. The resolve is simple......get chlorine and shock into your pool immediately. I suggest extra shock to eliminate the organics which accumulated over the winter, and extra chlorine to get those levels high enough to stop the pre-algae condition from consuming a normal amount of chlorine. While you are in pool mode, if you did not clean your filters in the fall now is good time. Most folks cut their filter cycles down to an hour or completely off. No way around it, it's time to kick up those cycle times. And finally time to balance the water chemistry. No worries....simply bring in a water sample, we'll put it in the computer and the program will tell us where you are at, where you need to be, and how to get there with no guess work!

Relax, we have it all under guess work!

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