Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Over the years we've have had folks ask us "why?" Why your brand? Or, let's turn it around and state why we carry our current brands. It's simple....quality. It's real easy to chose an item in your offerings based on price. However, if you don't mind an infinite number of repairs, service calls, and complaints then O.K.. The Energy House only chooses the strategy of quality products and services, and this has proven successful based on our number of referrals and accolades over the years. Lets briefly look at each offering.

In the hot tub world we sell HotSpring Spas which is the number selling hot tub globally. In a world when the hot tub industry was down 10% each year for the past two years, HotSpring was up 14% and 10% consecutively in this same period. Why? Quite simple... quality, energy efficiency,and double the field life.

In the solar world we sell Sunpower. Sunpower is the leading solar manufacturer globally. Much like the HotSpring spa Sunpower's materials are far superior to the competition, their efficiency is the highest in the industry, and the product performs under conditions others can only dream. Who would think that solar panels would work in low light, overcast or sunny days.....Sunpower Solar does!

In wood, gas, and pellet stoves our premier stove lines are Lennox, Kozy Heat, and Hearthstone respectively. We chose these lines based on the same parameters as our other products lines. Other factors include superior electronics, higher grade steel, and repair records. Hearth products are considered a need in many cases and reliability is a major concern amongst our customer base. Therefore, we offer products that fit these factors.

So this is why we do, and always will offer the products we have in our offering. Today's consumers want products that offer a an experience they can enjoy, recommend, and give them peace of mind they made the correct choice. Therefore we are always evaluating our current product lines and if they deviate from our original intent, then relationship is re-evaluated. With confidence we say when you purchase from The Energy House, hands down you have the finest products in their category.

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